Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tying It All Together!

Recently I posted about the aquisition of my free pressure washer and the subsequent pressure washing bonanza I've been on.

Also recently, I posted on my adventures with Bonnie the tuna-can pedal car.

And now I get to neatly tie the two together. With pictures, no less!

Bonnie is many things, but clean was not one of them. Bonnie is functional. Bonnie is fuel-efficient. Bonnie is blue (in color). Bonnie is green (in earth-friendliness). Bonnie is a blessing. But Bonnie was FILTHY! Because Bonnie is a work horse, not a prima dona!

So, Bonnie got a good, thorough scrubbing. And Bonnie got pressure washed. Inside!

Somehow the pressure washing bug borrowed deep into my brain and convinced me that I could figure out how to take the seats out of Bonnie and pressure wash them. Why not? I pressure wash furniture at the car wash regularly. This is only a few bolts and a socket set different from that. Right?

So I huffed and I puffed and I finally got the bolts loose. And the seats weren't that heavy because Bonnie, as previously stated, is a tiny little thing incapable of carrying big, heavy seats. And I sprayed and I washed and I took Before and After pictures because (as you may have noticed and, if you haven't, you eventually WILL!) I LIVE for Before and After pictures. Or, at least, I get great motivation from them. Often, the only thing that gets me started is the promise of great contrast and proof of accomplishment that will be evidenced in photos when I'm done!

Bonnie's front seats. Before on the left. After on the right. We through they were taupe but it turns out they're BLUE!

Bonnie's back seat before.

Bonnie's back seat after.

Hooray for pressure washers!

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