Thursday, September 2, 2010

Their Loss!

It's SO easy to say. The words just roll out: "Just go get a job".

I've heard it. I've said it. Doing it is another thing entirely.

The classifieds are full of jobs -- IF you are bilingual, have a nursing degree, have many years of experience in a specialized field, want to work in some remote place, or can get by on minimum wage. I have literally found NOTHING viable in the classifieds.

I signed up with an employment agency months ago but have never heard anything from them. I guess I'm a little behind on my office software skills. Too bad they don't give points for being a quick learner!

There was one interesting job on Craigslist but it quickly became evident that it was a scam.

And then I found it: the perfect job! "Full time leasing consultant at a busy property management company" and located half a mile from my house! I ran a copy of my resume over immediately. They said they'd call later that day to schedule an interview. They never called. (The ad specified "no calls" so I respected that rather than harrassing them with pathetic "why didn't you hire me" calls.)

Just for the record: I have a Master's degree and a real estate license. I owned and managed rental property for many years. They will not find a more qualified applicant. Or someone more eager to work for them.

I suspect they thought I was over-qualified and wouldn't stay long. Over-qualified doesn't pay the bills. A regular paycheck is a glorious, glorious thing. I think it would have been a long time before I was willing to cut myself off from that brand of security.

Their loss. Ok, and mine too.

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