Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am guilty of blog neglect.  My schedule for today is a good example of why:

take kids to school 7:40-8:15
move furniture 8:15-8:45
work at church 9:00-1:00
work cleaning a house 1:15-3:30
pick up kids 3:30-4:00
work on real estate 4:00-6:00
cook dinner 6:00-6:50
work at cargiver job 7:00-9:00
laundry/dishes/homework/whatever 9:00-?

I have three regular jobs:
church secretary

And three occasional jobs:
RV renovator/upholsterer

Cosmic University has apparently changed my major from Auto Mechanics to Work Ethic!  But I actually do enjoy everything I do and I am very grateful to have work of any kind.  And I continue to look for more.

My high school friend Jeff Messer found the perfect video for me today!  Check it out!  Thanks Jeff!

Wishing you all a productive day!


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