Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet Gary!

This is Gary.  He is a 1993 Geo Storm.  He is of the same great vintage as my firstborn, my 17-year-old, Emily, -- 1993. 

Gary is a Geo Storm so he is named after broadcaster and meterologist Gary England who is the voice of our childhood tornado warning memories.  If you watch closely, he's on the TV in the background in the first scene of the movie Twister.  Gary England is still on TV in Oklahoma City.  He is absolutely the best meterologist in the country.  So we named the car after him.  It was just a given. 

You may remember me writing about Bonnie.  Bonnie went home to Mark's mother after a loooonnnnggg loan (bless you Ruth!).  Gary is Bonnie's replacement. 

I adore Gary.  I have the $30,000 car in that doesn't run sitting like a monument to immobility in my driveway (dead transmission).  And I have the $300 car that actually GOES places!  Thank goodness for Gary.  Actually, thank MARK for Gary!

There is something very romantic about Gary for me.  That cute boy from my 8th grade English class, went out and found me a car!  If you'd told me that in the 8th grade I would have positively swooned!  He accomplished the impossible and found a $300 car that runs and has heat and air!  Gary's not flashy and he has some age spots (like peeling paint and cracks in the windshield, dashboard, and door liners) but he's mine until I can get a new transmission in my regular car and that is a blessed, glorious thing!

I enjoy and marvel at the gadgets on Gary that do work:  the speedometer, the odometer, the gas gauge (sometimes).  I don't bother to sweat the things that don't:  the radio, the driver's door keyhole, the dashboard lights.  It's a mobile lesson in great appreciation of the little things!

Mark constantly apologizes that Gary isn't something better.  He doesn't seem to get that I am SO touched that he gave me Gary and SO appreciative of Gary just as he is! 

We came into our marriage in our 40's and with all our own stuff -- house, cars, children.  But we seem to have been given a way to have all those sweet young newlywed moments anyway: our first house (our little rental on Taylor Street in Enid), our first car (Gary).  I think the odds are slim on our first child (together)because I just turned 45 but we still hope anyway! 

We have been cursed with my financial challenges but simultaneously blessed to be getting to build a life together from scratch -- just like we would have it we'd married at 18 (like we should have)!  There is something sweet and simple and sacred about our simple, humble little newlywed trappings.  I'm not sure I'd trade them for riches if I could!  And, when we dig ourselves out of MY financial mess, we will have the satisfaction of knowing that we built our castle ourselves -- together!

We have a motto in our marriage:  we got married because we wanted to be "in it together" -- for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer.  That's what the vows are for  That's what the promise is for.  That's committment.  That's marriage.  That's LIFE!  We are SO lucky to get to live it together -- and to drive Gary around in the process.  Even if Emily is horrified to be seen in my beloved "clunker" that's as old as she is!  She has definitely aged better!

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